Fluffy Egg-Free Biscuits

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and a quiet house.  Moseyed over to the kitchen, boiled some water for tea and whipped up a small batch of biscuits.   After a week of holiday buzz including, but not limited to, large family gatherings, airport traffic, high calamity cooking, debauchery and boozification,… Continue reading Fluffy Egg-Free Biscuits


Raw Vegan Chocolate Crunch Bars

Until this morning I didn't know what a mulberry was or what it looked like so when I Googled "Mulberry" to get a visual reference as to what I was going to be looking for in grocery store, I was really surprised to find out what an interesting fruit the Mulberry is!  Apparently, the silkworm… Continue reading Raw Vegan Chocolate Crunch Bars