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Banana Pancakes – Vegan & Gluten-Free

My perfect Saturday morning would take place near a beach.  I’d wake up early after sleeping for 9 hours (almost impossible, but we’re talking about ideals here lol).  Go to yoga with a friend.  Shower and make these babies ...what kind of Saturday would it be if pancakes weren't part of the picture?!  Not a… Continue reading Banana Pancakes – Vegan & Gluten-Free

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Ginger Cake with a Lemon Coconut Glaze

This sticky ginger cake is absolutely incredible!  It's like a Christmas gingerbread cookie brought to life in the summer.  Taking a bite of it elucidates memories of past Christmases.  Subtle hints of lemon remind me of summer nights cooled down with sweet iced tea.  The coconut adds a sweet nutty flavor.  The whole thing is… Continue reading Ginger Cake with a Lemon Coconut Glaze