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Vegan Thai Salad with Lime-Ginger Dressing

Caution:  Before you read this post you should know that it’s a very self-absorbed, shallow, and possibly dramatic articulation of my recent weight-gain. I’ve gained 15 pounds in the span of 1 year (pause and gasp for dramatic effect).  It’s sad, but true.  I blame it on the nut butter obsession that I’ve acquired, but… Continue reading Vegan Thai Salad with Lime-Ginger Dressing


Quinoa Chili

Call me crazy, but there's something totally liberating about traveling somewhere new and unfamiliar by yourself.  So with a) that in mind, b) the celebration of landing a new job and c) the realization that I probably won't be able to take time off for a while, I bought a round trip ticket to Dallas… Continue reading Quinoa Chili


Vegan Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Three weeks ago I packed my life into 12 boxes and moved across the country. I left a job that I was happy with, family that I love and friends that added a lot of smiles and laughter to my everyday life ... Now, I'm frantically looking for a job and I don't know anyone.… Continue reading Vegan Alfredo Pasta Sauce