Vegan Cornbread Pancakes w/Roasted Blueberry Syrup

My favorite bookstore resides in Arizona: Changing Hands. It's a charming little boutiquey second hand bookstore loaded with beautiful, intricate trinkets strategically placed to ignite any retail therapy that you may need. The cook book section is sprinkled with unique little kitchen-gadgets and the children's section is dusted with glittery fairy-wear so that little girls… Continue reading Vegan Cornbread Pancakes w/Roasted Blueberry Syrup


Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes

I've been doing an INSANE amount of reflective thinking lately. Not the narcissistic self-reflective type of thinking, no. I'm mostly unintentionally thinking about my past. Childhood memories are popping up with absolutely no warning at all forcing me to compare my past with my present, a simpler time to a more complicated time. What made… Continue reading Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes